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CLEARANAIL is a new treatment for Fungal Nail. It is the simple solution to a complex problem.

Fungal nail is the same fungal infection as Athlete’s foot, which has become established under the toenail.

What is Clearanail treatment?
The Clearanail treatment produces very small micro holes through the nail based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), which allows antifungal medication to reach the infection in high concentration levels. The treatment takes half an hour on average to make the holes.

The procedure does not cause any pain, the device is computer controlled to ensure the nail bed does not become damaged. Only the nail is penetrated, CMP prevents injury to soft tissue. Clearanail is a fully atoumated fail safe system.

Following up your treatment, Lamisil Spray is often recommended which is an antifungal solution and this must be sprayed onto the nail daily. The spray may be applied for up to three months.

How quickly will it work?
Within 8-16 weeks a visible improvement will usually be noticable.
The podiatrist will want to see you another one or two times to ensure the treatment is successful.

Patient testimonial 

“I have suffered with fungal nail infections for many years. My two large toenails were discoloured and crumbling.

Tony Saunders has used this new procedure which utilises an intelligent drill which makes holes through the infected nail to allow the topical solution to get right to the root of the problem. The holes in the nails allow the topical solution to reach the infected area without the nail acting as a barrier.

My treatment is patient led by me having to apply the solution on a daily basis. So a few extra seconds each day have culminated in a steady and noticeable change to my nails.

I am no longer self conscious of showing my feet. The golden bullet is the intelligent drill and then the rest is really down to the daily application of topical solution and regular visits with Tony to ensure progress is maintained. I am a very satisfied patient”. – Chislehurst Clinic patient


This is a clinically proven treatment.

The Chislehurst Clinic podiatry team are happy to answer any questions.