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By: Physiotherapist Ricky Outhwaite

Back pain affects up to 85% of the population at some point in their lives. A large proportion of those people will improve over a few months, but almost half will have at least one relapse.

A good place to start with your low back pain is to become aware of what aggravates and eases your symptoms. It is not uncommon for patients to complain of increased low back pain when they are sitting for prolonged periods. If you fit this pattern then you have to start thinking is your posture well maintained? It can be this simple postural correction that at the very least improves your pain.

The McKenzie method can help with acute low back pain but is also useful for managing sub-acute or chronic back pain. Please click on the link below to become aware of this method and see if it may prove helpful.


If you find this method does not help or you would rather an expert opinion on which McKenzie exercise will work best for you, then please come and visit the clinic for a consultation and we will try our best to put an end to your persistent lower back pain.