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Allan Wood

Allan is a leading podiatrist with extensive experience in clinical podiatry having spent the last twenty five years at the interface of both education and clinical practice, his research activities and lecturing commitment ensure he is at the forefront of professional development.

He has experience in all clinical elements of podiatry with special interest in dermatological aspects of podiatry, biomechanics and nail surgery. He is a Fellow of both the College of Podiatry and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow), an Educational Consultant Podiatrist as well as an External Inspector for the College of Podiatry.

He is an elected member of national committees for the College of Podiatry for Private Practice on the Membership Committee, the Academic and Clinical Governance Committee and the Clinical Senate, a member of the UK Podiatric Dermatology Association and on the editorial review committees of a number of journals including ‘The Foot’ and the ‘British Journal of Podiatric Medicine’.

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